Registering for a Pebbles Au Pair
In order for us to provide you with a relevant selection of Au Pairs, we need as much information as possible about your family the first time you register with us.

We take the time to understand your requirements and to get to know your family allowing us to help you choose the right fit for your family first time round

We do understand how busy you are, but we must really understand your reuiqrements in order to provide you with the right fit for your family - we can reuse the same information for your next Au Pairs!

Update for September 2018 :
If you are registering for the first time and live outside London, require a 21+ driver please call us before registering. We have a waiting list for this profile at the moment
Dossier Status
Last Name*
Ideal start date
Latest Start Date
Ideal finish date
Earliest finish date
Minimum Age
Driver absolutely essential?
How will you help your Au Pair adjust to driving?
Accept smoker?
Which nationalities will you consider?
English level
Speak French to kids? NOTE - Only beginners in English are happy to speak any French during their stay
Which dietary rectrictions would you consider
Accept any religion?
Best fit for our children
Best fit for our family and lifestyle
ideal Au Pair's expectations and goals
Maximum number of hours on duty per week Hours and pocket money guidelines
AU PAIRS - Number of hours housework per week
Description of the position (timetable, duties)
Tasks you may need your Au Pair to do Housework guidelines
Weekly pocket money Pebbles recommends £100+
Which 2 full days will they be free? Pebbles recommends giving the weekend off!
Do you offer any of these optional benefits?
More details regarding the benefits offered
Monthly contribution to English lessons Pebbles recommends at least £20/month but no more than 50% of full cost
Placement completion bonus (amount and date due)Pebbles recommends at least 1 week's pocket money
When our family goes away on holiday we will
Number of children
Age of youngest child
Age of oldest child
Are all children permanent residents in the home?
1st child - Name
1st child date of birth
1st child gender
1st child personality / interests
1st child special needs
2nd child - Name
2nd child date of birth
2nd child gender
2nd child personality / interests
2nd child special needs
3rd child - Name
3rd child date of birth
3rd child gender
3rd child personality / interests
3rd child special needs
4th child - Name
4th child gender
4th child date of birth
4th child personality / interests
4th child special needs
Any further children
Is there a baby due? What's the due date?
First name (Mother/Live in partner)
Nationality (Mother/Live in partner)
Age (Mother/Live in partner)
Profession (Mother/partner)
Hours worked/week (Mother/partner)
Level of French (Mother/Live in partner)
Other languages (Mother/Live in partner)
Religion (Mother/Live in partner)
First name (Father/Live in partner)
Nationality (Father/Live in partner)
Age (Father/Live in partner)
Profession (Father/Live in partner)
Hours worked/week (Father/partner)
Level of French (Father/Live in partner)
Other languages (Father/Live in partner)
Religion (Father/Live in partner)
Who covers the childcare when Au Pair is off/away
Family info
Family lifestyle - Sporty, cultural, gourmet etc?
Which scenarios apply to your family?
Describe situations where English is NOT spoken
What type of childcare have you used in the past
Give the pros/cons of any Au Pairs you've hosted
Do you have any of the following pets?
Describe your pet(s) & any related duties
Any regular overnight guests?
Are there any other adults living at home?
Health issues or disabilities (Parents)
Does anyone smoke in the home?
Do your like to keep your home clean & tidy?
Explain your ranking (fussy/too busy to notice...)
Do you have any other home help?
How many hours a month does your cleaner work
We live in a
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
We will provide the Au Pair with
Where can you collect your Au Pair from on arrival
Nearest large towns (approx distance)
Name and walking distance to nearest train station
How far is nearest bus stop?
Name & walking distance to tube station (if local)
Journey time by train to central London?
Mailing Street
Mailing City
Mailing Province
Mailing Postal Code
Mother/Live in partner Mobile Number
Father/Live in partner Mobile Number
Secondary Email
Which video software can you use for interviews
Referee 1
Referee 2
Please upload a family photo

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